Direct Roving for CFRT 352A

Direct Roving for CFRT 352A

352A Direct Roving is specifically designed for CFRT application in PA, PBT, PET, TPU and ABS resins.
352A is designed for Continuous Fiber Reinforced Thermoplastic process and widely used in automotive, construction, transportation and aeronautics applications.

Product Features

  • No fuzz
  • Compatibility with a multiple of resin systems
  • Good processing
  • Excellent dispersion
  • Excellent mechanical properties

Technical Parameters


Unless otherwise specified, the fiberglass products should be stored in a dry, cool and moisture-proof area. The room temperature and humidity should be always maintained at 15 ~35 .It is best if the product is used within 12 months after production date.The fiberglass products should remain in their original packaging until just prior to user .

To ensure safety and avoid damage to the product, the pallets should not be stacked more than three layers high. When the pallets are stacked in 2 or 3 layers, special care should be taken to correctly and smoothly move the top pallet.


* The product can be packed on pallet or in small cardboard boxes.


A molten mixture of polymer resin and additives is obtained through an extruder. The continuous filament roving is dispersed and impregnated by pulling through the molten mixture. After cooling, curing and coiling, the final material is formed.