FSP-HV 1534-1535 High Viscosity Bonding Paste

FSP-HV 1534-1535 High Viscosity Bonding Paste

Lightweight polyester bonding paste, specially formulated for core bonding in sandwich structures, and for cavity fillings (strakes, angles…).
Also used as anti-bubble paste behind gel coat.

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  • Easy to apply and to level
  • Low density
  • High mechanical properties
  • Catalyst revelator included
  • High thixotropy, allowing application of big thickness onvertical parts without sagging
  • Easy positioning of cores in sandwich structures
  • Reduces print-through
  • Multi-purpose :  Excellent adhesion of core materials (balsa,PVC foam…)

o Application behind gel coat as anti-bubble paste and/or application as a lightweight mass for the filling of cavities behind a laminate


  • Polyester paste, flexible, fibre-reinforced
  • Density: 0.8 ± 0.05
  • Static viscosity: (static) 300 000 – 350 000 cps
  • Thixotrophy: ≥ 7
  • Reactivity: Tested on a 130 gr mass, catalyzed with

    1,5% of MEKP 50 at 23°C


FSP-HV 1534

FSP-HV 1535

Gel time (min)




Product should be kept away from direct sunshine and at temperature below 20°C. Under these conditions, the product will keep its properties 5 months from production date.

The information contained in this technical data sheet reflects our current knowledge. It aims at providing information about the application possibilities.

As we cannot control the applications’ conditions, we cannot be held as responsible beyond the providing of material in accordance with our specifications.


This product must be used at workshop temperature between 15 and 30°C.

Catalyze: between 0.6 and 2.0 % of MEKP 50, according to the requested thickness and production cycle.

1. Core material bonding on laminate

The laminate must be minimum in gel. Prepare and add the catalyst.

The catalyst revelator enables to check the quality of the mixing.

Apply the requested thickness (max. 20mm), with a paste spatula.

Apply the core on the paste and press to spread the FSP and chase the air…

2. Anti-bubble paste

The gel coat must be minimum tacky.

Preparing: as above.

Apply a “cord” of product in the angle with a brush, flexible spatula, a pastry bag, or equipment for high viscosity products with pressure plate.

Then level the product with a brush. Please contact us for further information.