FSP-VE 9000 Vinylester Bonding Paste

FSP-VE 9000 Vinylester Bonding Paste

100% Vinylester bonding paste for structural adhesion, white pigmented, low exothermic peak and low shrinkage.
For vertical and thick applications. Manual or gun application.

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  • High thixotropy
  •  Low shrinkage
  •  Very good adhesive qualities
  •  easy for manual application
  •  offers high-build capability, 1-10 mm by pass
  •  Excellent fatigue and water resistances
  •  Greater mechanical properties than conventional UPpaste
  •  Ideally suited for non re laminated structural adhesion
  •  Offer high level of mechanical properties retention underlong term use in difficult condition
  •  Ideal for Marine, Wind Mill Blades and other highdemanded areas


  • viscosity : Tested on Brookfield viscometer at 20°C : 5 rpm = 4000 – 5000 Poises
  • thixotropy : ≥ 6.5
  •  reactivity : Tested on a 200 gr mass, catalyzed with 2% of PMEC 50 at 20°C – Gel time = 40-65 minutes

  • density : D = 1.1 ± 0.05


    Properties of the polymerized pure resin:





Tensile strength

35-40 MPa

ISO 527-1993

Tensile Modulus

3300 MPa

ISO 527-1993

Elongation at breack

2.6 – 3.7 %

ISO 527-1993



ISO 75-1993

Linear shrinkage


ASTM D 2566-69

Barcol hardness


ASTM D 2583-99

Shore D after 4 hours curing minimum


Thermal expansion coefficient

-6 -1 <65.10 °C

DIN 53752

Water absorption, 28 days

< 0.65%

ISO 62-1999


Make sure that the surface is clean, without dust, oil, or any contaminant that could affect adhesion.

Well mix before use.

Prepare with 2% max. of PMEC 50 catalyst.

Apply with tools, cake bags or pressure plate machine.

Application is not recommended in ambient or on surface temperature below 10°C.

After complete cure, product can be sanded.


Product should be kept away from direct sunshine and at temperature below 20°C. Under these conditions, the product will keep its properties 5 months from production date.

The information contained in this technical data sheet reflects our current knowledge. It aims at providing information about the application possibilities.