Sandable Gelcoats

Sandable Gelcoats


Sandable gelcoats are isophthalic, filled, sandable brush gelcoat. It has been specifically designed for applications that are to be post-painted. The gelcoat is available in a limited range of colours and the information contained in this technical data sheet also applies to pigmented versions.


Sandable gelcoats should be allowed to attain workshop temperature (18-20°C) before use. Stir well by hand, or with a low shear mixer to avoid aeration, and then allow to stand to regain thixotropy. The product requires only the addition of catalyst to start the curing reaction. The recommended catalyst is Promox P211 TXF (or other equivalent catalyst) which should be added at 2% into the gelcoat. (Please consult our Technical Service Department if other catalysts are to be used). The catalyst should be thoroughly incorporated into the gelcoat, with a low shear mechanical stirrer, where possible.

Pot Life

Curing should not be carried out at temperatures below 15°C. The gelcoat, mould and workshop should all be at, or above, this temperature.

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Sandable gelcoat is supplied in a limited range of colours. This eliminates the potential for mixing errors with small quantities of pigment paste. The gelcoat is filled, so the addition of further quantities of filler, or pigments, may adversely affect the properties of both liquid and cured gelcoats.

Recommended Testing

It is recommended that customers test all pigmented gelcoats before use under their own conditions of application to ensure the required surface finish is achieved.


Satisfactory laminates for many applications can be made with this gelcoat by curing at workshop temperature (20°C).


Sandable gelcoats should be stored in its original container and out of direct sunlight. It is recommended that the storage temperature should be less than 20°C where practical, but should not exceed 30°C. Ideally, containers should be opened only immediately prior to use.


Sandable gelcoats are supplied in 25Kg and 225Kg containers.

Health and Safety

Please see separate Material Safety Data Sheet.