Established in 1980 by Zuhtu Kologlu Kologlu Group started its activity from chemicals sector. Today the Group’s divisions cover chemicals, construction, plastic injection and agriculture business.

With its headquarters in Istanbul, the Group has offices in Antalya,  Bursa and Izmir, and Peoples Republic of China. The three local offices locations are defined by composites industry high activity in those areas. With over 30 years of experience Kologlu Kimya Ltd overviews composite sector raw and semifinished products sales using two storage facilities on Asian and European side of Istanbul. Kologlu Kimya is proud to be a distributor of Jushi Fiberglass glass fiber, Promox organic peroxides, CCP Composites polyester resins and gelcoats, Chemtrend mold release agents, Spheretex core materials and auxiliaries, Italbeit pigment pastes, Sasol paraffin waxes.

Besides distribution our own production facility provides auxiliary materials for composite industry under Poltem brand (Poltem products are mould release agents, pigment pastes, liquid button polishes ex.) One of our major targets is to introduce innovative products and technologies to the market, raising therefore our customers’ production quality standards and, as a result, strengthening their competitive advantage both locally and internationally.