Poltem PVA

Poltem PVA

Poltem PVA is a liquid mould release agent which can be applied on the model or mould after Poltem Eko WAX application for GRP part production.



You have to use Poltem PVA for new and repaired model and moulds. Apply Poltem Eko WAX first and wait 15 minutes and than apply Poltem PVA with a foam and wait for 15-30 minutes for drying. Start gelcoat application after the wet image on the entire mold surface has disappeared.


The products are packaged in 900 grams or 5 kilograms plastic bottles and 12 plastic bottles (900 grams) or 4 plastic bottles (5 kilograms) are packaged in a shrink box.

Net product weight          (g) 900 / 5000
Gross product weight      (g) 1000 / 5200