Alkali Resistant Fiberglass Chopped Strands

Alkali Resistant Fiberglass Chopped Strands


16.7% Premix is a high integrity chopped fibre, designed for using in dry mix systems or other premixing processes for subsequent molding into a GRC intricate component.

High Intergrity

16.7% High integrity has a low-tex strand which permits efficient reinforcement at low dosages. The coating size systems give easy incorporation whilst retaining best strand integrity, especially used in the electric closet panels.

Water dispersed

16.7% water dispersed can be simply added to the mix at the workshop without the need of a special equipment and disperse into filaments in a matrix of calcium silicate slurry, cement slurry etc.


The ‘Premix’ production technique involves pouring or pumping a cement/fibre mix into a mould, similar to other precast production processes. The mix is compacted using vibration or by adding other components. The unit is left in mould to set and demoulded the following day.Pre-mix has the advantages that moulds can be simper to produce and strip.

  • Excellent alkali resistant and durability
  • Highest integrity during mix
  • Good stiffness
  • Good fluidity
  • Be compatible with concrete slurry
  • Been Tested in Sheffied University,UK
Packaging & Storage:

20kgs /kraft bag, 40bags/800Kg/pallet/109*109*105cm; 50bags /1000kg/109*109*125cm, 20palltes/ 1*20′ FCL, N.W.18ton.

AR Glassfibre roving pallet shall be stored dry in original packaging and advisable to stack in one layer, at a temperature between 15℃- 35℃ & relative humidity between 35%- 65%.If stored below 15℃, it is advisable to hold in workshop for 24 hours to prevent condensation before use.