Poltem K-60 Mek Peroxide

Poltem K-60 Mek Peroxide

Poltem K-60 MEKP is a catalyst used in the composites industry for polyester and vinyl ester resins. It reacts with the resin to turn it from a liquid to a solid (cure it). MEKP is an organic peroxide. Since these compounds are unstable in their pure form, they are mixed with inert compounds to form the catalysts used in the industry. Due to this mixing, MEKP can be bought in various grades, which can give a range of gel times. Whilst various types of catalysts are available to cure polyester and vinyl ester resins, MEKP is the most widely used in contact moulding for room temperature cure.


MEKP allows polyester and vinyl ester resins to cure by reacting with the promoter in the resin, or with heat. This starts the chemical reaction of the resin with the styrene monomer (present in the resin) allowing crosslinks to form between them. These crosslinks act as braces, joining the components in the liquid resin together. When some of the crosslinks have formed, the resin forms a gel and is said to be “gelled”. When most of the crosslinks have formed, the resin forms a solid and is said to be “cured”.

Since MEKP must start a chemical reaction within the resin it must be a reactive compound. This makes it one of the most hazardous materials in the composites industry, since it can react with other materials causing a fire or with the human body resulting in chemical burns.


Adding ratio to resin is approximately is %1,5-2.


5 or 30 kgs. plastic drums